I have questions that need answers — cogent answers. I have questions that require more than “That is how it is done” answers. I have questions that do not deserve middling answers.

Somebody needs to give a more convincing answer. I don’t even care if they make up a scenario. Just anything other than conventional don’t question it answers.

Why do I have to be submissive? Why is this preached to me on a daily? Is there anything about me that screams servitude and being trampled upon? What am I submissive for?

Why do I have to change my name? What is wrong with my own name? Why can I not keep my name? Is it that bad?

Why do I have to leave my job to take care of the children? Why am I sacrificing so much? Why am I the one to make the sacrifice?

Why am I called a slut when I have done absolutely nothing ? Why am I called a slut for having sex with a grown consenting adult? Why am I called a slut when i turn down sexual advances as well? Why?

What does endurance and i have to do with each other? Why am I being told to endure? Why are you preaching patience to me?

Why are they telling me to be fast before my time is over? Who is the time keeper? Who set the time frame? Why do i have to keep up with the person’s time? What is time?

Why does anything about me have to intimidate anybody? What is intimidating about having your own down?

Why am I being sexualized on a daily? Why are they cat calling me? Why do I have to watch what I wear to protect other people’s thoughts?

Why are they policing my body? Who makes these rules and what do they have to do with me?

Why ? and why again?. I have these questions everyday and yet all I get is “That is how it is done” Who has done what? Why has the person done it like that? What is my business with this person or group of persons ?What does it have to do with me? Why do i have to follow suit? Sometimes, I get scornful looks. But, the highest I have gotten is a “Who are you and why do think you can change the system”? i wonder what displeasing system the person is talking about? I’d always ask “Why” anyways?

I write about gender equality, self awareness, merriment and other things that tickle my fancy